The Mission of The Prefect of Korca Region
The Prefect of Korca Region is the representative of the Council of Ministers for the region. The Prefect is appointed and dismissed by the Council of Ministers.
The Prefect coordinates the activities of the central institutions at the local level. He leads the activity of the state administration structures that has been directly assigned to him by legal, sub-legal and special acts in the relevant field. He coordinates the activity of the central institutions at the local level and the activity of the latter with the organs of local government in the communes, municipality and regions.
The Prefect also verifies the legality of the acts approved by the local government organs in the Communes, Municipality and Regions. He exercises final control over these organs, in compliance with legal provisions.

The Prefecture of Korca has the below sectors:
• Sector of Local Competences, which takes care and ensures that all central governmental institutions complete their tasks in serving as best as possible to the people.
• The Audition Sector, which helps the Local Government Units to be legally responsible by estimating the implementation of the law and rules. It helps the management of public sectors in achieving their goals and objectives by improving their systems and each unit services. It also helps to minimize the risk of fraud and abusiveness.
• The Finance and Internal Services Sector, which ensures an effective management of internal budget, the administration of monetary values and the execution of internal policy. This sector also processes each labour’s documentation in order to ensure the best performance of all Prefecture administration.
• Legal Sector and Delegated Competence, which ensures, controls and confirms the implementation of laws in order to accomplish the mission of the Prefect. This sector, moreover, offers legal advice to all the other sectors.

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