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Marketing Strategy Handbook

According to Kotler and Armstrong (2014) marketing strategy is the company’s answer to two key questions: 1. Which customers will the business serve (segmentation and targeting)? and 2. How will it create value for them (differentiation and positioning)? Its formulation involves the following steps: Identification of the total market Segmentation Targeting Differentiation Positioning Segmentation implies […]

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Study on location of “testing grounds”

The biomass and the bioenergy might be the main problem of rural and regional development. Effective use of biomass must open new perspectives for regional development and employment, beside the actual work in local and regional level to develop “testing grounds” for a stable advancement in the field of bioenergy. Exchange of knowledge and the […]

EU Policy
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Evaluation of EU policies

The main legislative guidelines for sustainable bio-energy in the European Union are the Renewable energy Directive 2009/28 EU (RED). The main purpose of the directives is to designate some abiding objectives for the utilization of renewable energy. The directive also underlines a general objective of approximately 20 % on behalf the European Union other individual […]

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SWOT – Analysis for a typical bio-mass combustion company in the two cross-border regions of Prefecture of Korca and Region of Western Macedonia

The objects of this study are biomass combustion companies which generate energy for sale beyond fulfilling their own needs. Currently there are only two biomass CHP units operational in the Region of Western Macedonia, Matesion Co. in Kozani (120 KWel) and Mantmouazel S.A. in Kastoria (240 KWel), producing biogas from various organic waste. We chose […]

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Principles and criteria of sustainable bio-energy production

The welfare of the modern society relies extensively on fossil fuels. Despite economic and environmental problems and the exhaustion of fossil fuels, the current energy models are characterized by the vast use of fossil fuels and by the dependency ratio of the “inevitable energy import”, necessary to meet the internal energy consumption demands of most […]

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