Meeting with stakeholders on the creation of the G.A.B.E networking platform

On May the 10th 2016, the Prefect of Korça Region held a meeting with stakeholders of the biomass sector. Previously the staff, had already identified all the stakeholders in the Korça Region: unprocessed material suppliers, biomass and bio-energy production companies, forest cooperatives, etc.

During this meeting the Prefect of Korça Region has presented the visual business platform, a digital platform developed and implemented by the Greek partners, which goal is to create a network of communication and collaboration among stakeholders on the biomass industry.  (

During the presentation of this platform, has been thoroughly described how every subject can register in it and benefit from its features. Every user of the platform, can also publish offers of its products or requests for products needed. Through the platform, the users can view the list of products or services offered by biomass businesses on both sides of the border.

The platform will also serve as a hub of communication, collaboration and networking in order to bring the Albanian and Greek biomass market closer.

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