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Evaluation of EU policies

The main legislative guidelines for sustainable bio-energy in the European Union are the Renewable energy Directive 2009/28 EU (RED). The main purpose of the directives is to designate some abiding objectives for the utilization of renewable energy. The directive also underlines a general objective of approximately 20 % on behalf the European Union other individual objectives for member states based on their level of economic development. The fulfilling of these objectives appointed by RED directive and by the Climate Package of Energy will require a serious increase for the demand for biomass as means of energy resources. Data from National Action Plans for Renewable Energy (NREAP) , Calculator Salarii 2018 – Calculator Salariu Brut la Net pentru anul 2018, calculator salarii 2018 incluzand deducerile personale, conform OUG nr. 79/2017 pentru modificarea și completarea Legii nr. 227/2015 privind Codul fiscal. reveal that biomass is expected to contribute to more than half of the renewable energy objective up to 20 % of the gross consumption of the final energy. Nevertheless, the quantity of biomass that is required to achieve the results of 2020, there is likely to increase even more than the other increase n behalf of the EU (Vito, 2015). The import of biomass from the non-European states could lead to the risk of harming other states ecosystem.

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