Biomass Production

SWOT – Analysis for a typical bio-mass production company in the two cross-border regions of Prefecture of Korca and Region of Western Macedonia

Biomass processing is one of the most interesting challenges for the present and for the years to come. Even today, biomass is the 15% of primary energy use in the world and one of the most important resources available to man. It is a way to put the focus on the environment and energy savings.

The below study is conducted under the frame of cross border project “GABE”, and present a detailed SWOT analysis of a typical company which operates in the biomass production network.

There are very few companies operating in the biomass production sector in the two cross-border regions, Prefecture of Korca and Region of Western Macedonia. One of the companies actually active in biomass production, ARDIT Ltd, was selected because it is an export oriented company offering better possibilities for co-operation with other biomass producers in the Region of Western Macedonia.

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Swot Production

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