SWOT – Analysis for a typical bio-mass combustion company in the two cross-border regions of Prefecture of Korca and Region of Western Macedonia

The objects of this study are biomass combustion companies which generate energy for sale beyond fulfilling their own needs.

Currently there are only two biomass CHP units operational in the Region of Western Macedonia, Matesion Co. in Kozani (120 KWel) and Mantmouazel S.A. in Kastoria (240 KWel), producing biogas from various organic waste. We chose to conduct a SWOT analysis on Mantmouazel S.A. because it is more of a typical biomass energy company in the region as the other company is involved in a wide range of activities related to engineering and consultancy that represent the principal business of the company.

The research study of the Greek partners of the GABE project provided some data on Matesion Co., a biogas plant located in Kozani. We managed to contact the company and gather other relevant data. We arranged a visit to the plant of Mantmouazel S.A, located in Kastoria in the region of Western Macedonia.

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