PEST – Analysis for the development of a bio-mass combustion network in the Prefecture of Korça and the Region of Western Macedonia.

For the purposes of this study we decided to use biomass combustion in the wider sense of the term encompassing all biomass conversion technologies in order to provide a more complete picture of the biomass energy generation in the two cross-border regions of Prefecture of Korça and Region of Western Macedonia.
The biomass users for energy generation can be classified as household users and industrial users. The category of industrial biomass users can be further subdivided into biomass heat generation plants, biomass electricity generation plants or biomass Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants which are a combination of the two, producing electricity and thermal energy simultaneously.
The objects of this study are biomass combustion companies which generate energy for sale beyond fulfilling their own needs. This category includes district heating systems and biomass power plants. As the focus of this study is on private energy companies in the two cross-border regions and their possible cooperation, the public enterprises falling in this category are excluded.

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